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Kayaking footwear

by Jakob Jelling

Kayaking footwear comes in several different designs, to keep your feet safe and, in some cases, warm.

Kayaking will obviously not require the same type of footwear that you would wear to the store or on the street. However, since you will not always be in the kayak (eventually you're going to have to come back to land and get out of it), you'll probably want to have some sort of shoes just in case you have to come back to a rougher part of the beach. You don't want to hurt your feet just because you have been in a kayak.

Something to keep in mind about regular shoes, of course, is that they tend to be fairly heavy. Therefore, if you end up using a regular pair of shoes, you will probably be adding unnecessary weight to your feet. Part of the reason that you're adding extra weight is that regular shoes do not repel water in the same way that water footwear would. The other down side do this is that your regular shoes will also not dry out very quickly at all. In fact, you'll probably be stuck with wet shoes for a long time after you finally get done kayaking.

The best type of footwear for kayaking is more like a slipper. These shoes might not be waterproof, but if you are in water that is too cold for your feet, you should probably look into getting a dry suit that covers your feet as well.

The nice thing about these slipper shoes is that as soon as you step out of the water, most of it will drain away. The result is that you are left with damp but not too soggy shoes which will probably dry out fairly quickly. The other thing that you get with this footwear instead of going barefoot is that you'll know that your feet are being protected each time you step on the bottom - and considering that you can never be quite sure what is just under the sand, this is probably a good thing.

However, if the slipper footwear is not right for you, several other companies offer sandals that might suit your needs as well. While sandals will not close over your feet in the same wayArticle Submission, they will still be able to protect your feet from anything that happens to be under the sand.

You can also purchase socks for kayaking which will keep your feet warm.


Jakob Jelling is the founder of Please visit his complete kayaking guide for all skills and ages.

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