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Camillus Kayak Shop Camillus NY   Paddlers Report Kayaking, Canoeing, SUP

". . .I never tried it before. A friend referred me. It didn't require much effort for a good workout. It was a good experience with good instruction."

Jaclyn Grosso Oneida Lake image

Jaclyn Grosso
Oneida Lake, N.Y.

". . .you get a better view and vantage point than from a canoe or kayak. It's deceivingly easy to get back on."

Kevin O'Keefe
Camillus, N.Y.

". . .I've been doing it for three years. It's meditation on a board, on the water. It's like looking through a glass-bottom boat. It's a wonderful way to view wildlife. I like the diversity – you can stand on it, kneel or do yoga. I would love to do a women's group for that."

Judy O'Neill Tully Lake, N.Y.

Judy O'Neill
Tully Lake, N.Y.

". . .it looks exciting and fun and I've seen people cruising on them. I want to give it a try. We came to shop for kayaks, with the intention of trying SUPs."

Michael Yorton image

Michael Yorton

". . .it's good exercise."

After Cheryl tried an SUP, she added, "I loved it and can,t wait to try it again. I,ll definitely do it again."

Cheryl Hevier Camillus' N.Y. image

Cheryl Hevier
Camillus' N.Y.

,I want to learn kayaking because. . ."

". . .I canoed a long time ago. I am looking to kayak for exercise, fun and to meet people. I like the water, the serenity, the peace and quiet of it."

Pam Maydole image

Pam Maydole

". . .I'm having a blast. This is the first time I've ever kayaked. Now I'm liking a red and white kayak. It fits me' since I'm short. Friends have said kayaking is a great upper body workout and a way to enjoy nature."

ChristineSeubert image

Christine Seubert

". . .I just started on a paddleboard with my mom. I can stand up on it. It's sometimes easy and sometimes hard. The first time it's hard. The most fun part is swimming after paddling, because we can jump right off. I can paddle, too."

Juliette Cota, age 7

". . .I just like to be on the water – any excuse when I can swim from the vessel."

Juliette Cota Jennifer Waters Cota image

Jennifer Waters Cota, mother of Juliette

". . .I've seen some great fish that I wouldn't have seen from a kayak. My 16-year-old daughter likes paddleboarding better than a kayak. It exercises a different part of the body. I've been told it's good for the midsection."

Michael Tafler Oswego, N.Y. images

Michael Tafler
Oswego, N.Y.

". . .I love the idea of balancing and standing up. I love exercise. It's good for the core and you get a nice rhythm. It is fun to try all the SUPs and see the difference in quality."

Mary Giehl images

Mary Giehl

". . .I'm a canoeist and kayaker and I'd like a chance to see the array available and try a paddleboard. I'm in a 9'6" kayak now. I spend a lot of time on the water in the summer."

Bob Cole Camillus, N.Y.image

Bob Cole
Camillus, N.Y.

". . .the stand up paddleboard is a real challenge and interesting. I gave my wife my wallet, because I was afraid I'd fall in!"

Anthony Acee

". . .we’re newly retired and looking for something to do in the future. I liked gliding over the water. We'll try renting a few times before buying."

Christina Acee

Anthony Christina Acee Camillus, N.Y.image

Clark Mills, N.Y.

". . .I canoe and kayaking was something I wanted to try. It's a nice day, the boats are here and so am I. You get a good workout on your abs. I'm exhausted."

Frank Valls Town of Onondaga, N.Y. image

Frank Valls

Demo Day
Sunday June 3,2018
Willow Bay in Long Branch Park, Liverpool, New York
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Camillus Kayak Demo Day at Gillie Lake

Have you ever attended a demo day? You have the opportunity to try out the kayaks and stand up paddleboards on the water to see which sizes and models are the right fit for you, depending on your skill level and intended use. Here are some thoughts on paddleboarding and kayaking from a recent demo day, sponsored by Camillus Kayak Shop, Camillus, N.Y.

Images from Demo Day

Camillus Kayak Demo Day 2012 image

Camillus Kayaking Demo Day image

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Camillus Kayak Demo Day New York image

Camillus Kayak Shop image

Diana Burchhardt Tully' N.Y. image

". . .it would be a lovely way to visit the lakes and it would be good exercise instead of riding in a motorboat. My husband and I would like to see the little nooks and crannies of the kettle lakes. It's a good way to explore kettle lakes, for example, Cazenovia Lake. You can travel easily without rapids. There are so many things to learn about kayaking - how to hold your body, where to put your legs, paddle, etc."

Diana Burchhardt
Tully' N.Y.

Dave Fisher image

". . .it's something to do during the summer. We've been on 50-mile canoe treks. At my age, kayaking will use a lot less effort. I'm interested in joining the Syracuse kayak club. I like to go on lakes in the Adirondacks with some camping."

Dave Fisher

Chelsea Parkes Camillus' N.Y. image

". . .it's a boatload of fun. My family vacations in the Thousand Islands. It's always an opportunity to get outside and relatively affordable for young families, a good date. We're so blessed to have Onondaga Lake, the Finger Lakes and Skaneateles Lake. My best friend got me into kayaking for the Great Race in Auburn. It's a fun friend thing to do. I tried the basic, more affordable kayaks. If you're more competitive, try the fast ones."

Chelsea Parkes Camillus' N.Y.