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Kayak Cart Wheels : Most Considerable parts of a Kayak Cart

by John Metthew

Depending on the model of the kayak cart the method of attaching the kayak to the frame will vary and so will the style of wheels on the cart.

A great pair of kayak cart wheels will allow for an overall agile movement that provides the ability to turn and move quickly in tight spaces. Why would this be important? Simple, most kayaks can cost a good chunk of money and most people don’t want the kayaks to get any unnecessary scrapes or body damage.

Different types of wheels can be used on a kayak cart to suit different terrain, different types of wheels for kayak carts have their advantages and disadvantages.

Plastic wheels are lightweight, cheap, won't go flat and work well on paved surfaces. However a disadvantage with this type of wheel is that narrow ones won’t work well on sand. Pneumatic or air filled tires can be used on pretty much any surface and the pressure of the tires can be regulated for different types of terrain, which is useful. A disadvantage with these types of tires is that they can easily go flat. Additionally, the pressure seal on the tire can fail which means air would not stay within the tire and the tire would be permanently unusable.

A better option for your kayak cart in comparison to pneumatic tires may be foam filled tires. The advantages of foam filled tires are that they will never go flat and can be used on any surface; however, with these tires air pressure cannot be regulated and they are often a lot more of an expensive option for your kayak cart than other types of wheel. Another type of tire that can be used on your kayak cart is the balloon tire. This type of tire allows your kayak cart to move with ease on wet sand; however, it is expensive and can be punctured on rocky, jagged surfaces.

Don’t forget that the wheels and tires will need to be maintained. If the wheels have tires that require air, make sure the air pressure is equal amongst the tires as this promotes stability for the kayak cart and will go to ensure the kayak remains in the best position when crossing over terrain. Additionally, the wheels may require cleaning. While this may sound like a mere cosmetic concern, it is notArticle Search, as it will promote stability by the removal of debris and it will keep the possible tire tread in a proper condition to deal with terrain that has wet inclines and small rocks.

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