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Quoddy Lite - Lincoln Canoe and Kayak is located in Freeport Maine and has been building boats in the USA since 1959.

The Quoddy Light is Lincolnís ultimate daytripper. Here are the specs; length is 12í6Ē, beam 25Ē, depth 14Ē and it weighs in between 28-33 lbs depending on the lay-up.

The Qouddy Light is designed for beginner-intermediate paddlers. At 25Ē wide it has plenty of stability, while its highly tapered bow and stern and its shallow rounded vee hull shape, make this kayak glide through the water like a much longer boat. At 14Ē deep this is a roomy kayak which allows me to shift around in the seat to get my backside comfortable after paddling more than a couple of hours. With its tapered bow and stern it tracks well for a 12í6Ē kayak yet it has enough rocker to allow it to maneuver into the tightest of places.

For less experienced paddlers or paddlers who want to venture out into rougher conditions Lincoln offers an optional rudder or skeg, though after paddling the Quoddy for a while I donít think either are really necessary.

Where Lincolnís Quoddy Light excels is its weight. Portages are a breeze with such a light kayak, pond hoppers love it. Having such a light boat allows me to get to put-ins that I would never even consider with a longer heavier kayak. Iím 50 yrs. old and loading a 28lb kayak on the roof of our car is easy for either me or my wife.

As much as I like this boat, it does have one weakness, its storage. It has dry storage both bow and stern and has plenty of room for quite a bit of gear, but the round hatch cover on the rear storage makes it difficult to pack bigger items for camping.

Summary; Lincoln Canoe and Kayak accomplished everything they set out to with the Quoddy Light. It is an ultra-light kayak that tracks well, has enough room to be comfortable for hours on end, yet itís still quite seaworthy in foot and a half to two foot chop (to be fair I havenít had the opportunity to paddle the Quoddy in really big waves so I canít say how it handles in the rough stuff) It really is an excellent day tripper for most paddlers. With a retail price from $2,199 for the Paddle lite Kevlar-Fiberglass lay-up we think this is a very good value.

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