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Accent Design
Our relationship to you begins with our industry leading designs created by world-class paddlers. We are proud to offer a line that maintains the same high quality design and construction that any enthusiast would expect in a paddle. Our engineering and artisan teams ensure that their designs are realized into the Accent Paddles label.

Accent Paddles

Advanced Foam Core Technology
We start with a high-density solid foam core. The core is then layered in carbon and fiberglass. We use Dynel edging to ensure maximum outer rim reinforcement. A rib-less back provides silent water displacement for ultimate efficiency and performance.

Accent Paddles

LokTite Feathering System
Our first goal in designing the Loktite system was ease of use. We decided to design a 2 piece paddle system that was functional, simplistic. Our Loktite systems allows for 24 distinct angle options. With a twist of an adjustment knob, you set the paddle to your desired angle, tighten the adjustment knob and put the paddle together. Just set it and forget it. Our Loktite system comes as a standard feature on all Accent Paddles. Check it out

Accent Paddles

Neutral Bent Shaft
Accent's neutral bent shaft allows for natural joint alignment, reducing fatigue and joint stress during paddle strokes. Each shaft is designed to allow a slight amount of flex to further compliment the neutral bend allowing for an exceptional light weight ergonomic shaft.

Straight Shaft
Our straight shafts are also designed with a focus on ergonomics. Each shaft is constructed with a grip diameter to provide the least amount of fatigue and stress possible during paddling. The straight shaft incorporates flex properties to allow efficient performance paddling with minimal fatigue. All of our straight shafts come ovaled with a comfortable,natural feel.

Accent Paddles

Swing Weight
At Accent Swing Weight represents the ratio of the weight of a blade to the weight of a shaft. We strive to provide the lightest swing weight in the industry for each of our categories of paddles. We design all of our paddles around having an optimally balanced swing weight.

Accent Paddles

Di-hedral Blade Design
Accent Paddles are designed with performance in mind. For optimal performance we design our blades with an accelerating di-hedral design. The tip of our blade has a shallow di-hedral accelerating to a more pronounced aggressive di-hedral towards the shaft. This blending of di-hedral allows for stability and control without loss of power.

Accent Paddles

Paddle Angle Guide
A low angle paddling style is the most common style of paddling. The paddles tend to be longer and blades narrower and longer than high angle paddles. A low angle stroke is generally a low-sweeping stroke causing less fatigue.

A high angle paddling style is one that mires at vertical blade entry and exit from the water. It generates maximum forward thrust due to the straight line path that the blade follows through the water adjacent to the boat.

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