North Woods Canoe

Model Length Width Weight Material Price
Nechako 1211ft 10in3340FG $795.00
Adirondack 12ft 6in3970FG $945.00
Purnell 1413ft 9in3460FG $875.00
Adirondack 14143968FG $850.00
Bugaboo 1414ft 3in3363FG $995.00
Wrangel 1514ft 10in3565FG $1150.00
Kawartha 1615ft 6innanaPE $880.00
Pasqua 1615ft 9in3980FG $1145.00
Wenatchee 1515ft 5in4580FG $1145.00
Cascade 16163970FG $1175.00
Clearwater 16163759FG $1125.00
Fastwater 1616ft 9in3665FG $945.00
Nahanni 1817ft 9in3880FG $1245.00
Pioneer 17173769FG $1151.00
Wascana 1817ft 5in42.583FG $1420.00
Caribou 1918ft 7in3880FG $1320.00
Monashee 18183775FG $1245.00
Kamloops 222251280FG $5700.00
Pelly 222252300FG $4878.00
Selkirk 252552300FG $7400.00
Mackenzie 282864460FG $8100.00
Thompson 3030ft 1in60480FG $9100.00
Voyageur 3434ft 1in64520FG $14400.00
Manitou 3838ft 1in64600FG $16600.00

Note: If you have information on models not listed you can send them to us. We are constantly adding more manufactures and models.

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