Old Town

Model Length Width Weight Material Price
Discovery 11911ft 9in32.543PE $600.00
Pack123233Royalex $900.00
Pack Angler123233Royalex $1050.00
Stillwater 12124156FG $1080.00
Camper 1514ft 10in3657Royalex $1550.00
Guide 14714ft 7in3874PE $650.00
Osprey1438.557Royalex $1500.00
Osprey Angler1438.557Royalex $1700.00
Saranac 14614ft 6in3679PE $550.00
Saranac 146 Angler14ft 6in3679PE $680.00
Saranac 146 ST Angler14ft 6in3679PE $710.00
Saranac 146Xt14ft 6in3679PE $580.00
Stillwater 14143963FG $1150.00
Charles River15ft 8in3580PE $1000.00
Charles River RX15ft 8in3562Royalex $1600.00
Discovery 15815ft 8in35.580PE $900.00
Preditor SS16015ft 3in40113PE $1580.00
Appalachian163567Royalex $1700.00
Camper 16163659Royalex $1600.00
Discovery 16916ft 9in3785PE $1000.00
Guide 16163576Wood-FG $7800.00
Guide 1601639.582PE $760.00
Otca 16163676Wood-FG $7800.00
Penobscot 16416ft 4in37.575PE $960.00
Penobscot 16RX16ft 2in3458Royalex $1500.00
Preditor C1601640.587PE $1030.00
Saranac 160163789PE $700.00
Saranac 160 Angler163789PE $830.00
Saranac 160 XT Angler163789PE $880.00
Koru17ft 5in33.860FG $2300.00
Molitor 17173584Wood-FG $8700.00
Penobscot 17417ft 4in3683PE $1030.00
Penobscot 17RX17ft 1in3565Royalex $1600.00
Tripper 17217ft 2in3780Royalex $1590.00
Tripper XL2041405Royalex $2140.00

Note: If you have information on models not listed you can send them to us. We are constantly adding more manufactures and models.

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