Bic Kayaks

Model Length Width Weight Material Price
Ouassou8ft 6in3139Thermo $389.00
Bilbao9ft 10in3146Thermo $529.00
Adventure 10010ft2842Thermo $649.00
Santiago11ft 6in3056Thermo $599.00
Trinidad11ft 9in3165Thermo $699.00
Trinidad Fishing11ft 9in3365Thermo $899.00
Adventure 12012 ft2850Thermo $799.00
Tobago12ft 11in31.570Thermo $749.00
Adventure 10014ft 9in23.544F/G $1799.00
Kalao14ft 4in34.687Thermo $849.00
Scapa14ft 5in2650Thermo $719.00

Note: If you have information on models not listed you can send them to us. We are constantly adding more manufactures and models.

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