Klepper America Folding Kayaks

Model Length Width Weight Material Price
Scout 38012ft 6in26 ins/66cm51 lbs/23kgUNKNOWN
Expedition I 45014ft 9in28 ins60 lbsUNKNOWN
Classic I 490 SL16ft28ins63 lbsUNKNOWN
Expedition I SL 49016ft28 ins/72cm63 lbs/25kgUNKNOWN
Quattro I SL 49016ft28 ins/72cm64 lbs/29kgUNKNOWN
Smart Alu 49016ft31 ins/70cm49 lbs/16kgUNKNOWN
Smart I 490 SL16ft28ins55 lbsUNKNOWN
Aerius Classic II 17ft 11in34 ins73 lbsUNKNOWN
Aerius Expedition II17ft 11in34 ins79 lbsUNKNOWN
Aerius Quattro II 17ft 11in34 ins82 lbsUNKNOWN
Classic II 54517ft 11in34 ins73 lbsUNKNOWN
Smart II 54517ft 11in34 ins66 lbsUNKNOWN
Aerius Expedition XXL19ft34 ins96 lbsUNKNOWN
Aerius Quattro XXL19ft34 ins105 lbsUNKNOWN
Classic XXL 58519ft34 ins89 lbsUNKNOWN

Note: If you have information on models not listed you can send them to us. We are constantly adding more manufactures and models.

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