Tahe Marine

Model Length Width Weight Material Price
Life Style 44414ft 6 in23.7539F/G $2255.00
Reval Mini 15ft 10in20.549F/GUNKNOWN
Life Style 49416ft 2in2445F/G $2370.00
Reval Mini LC16ft 1in21.2548F/G $2755.00
Wind Solo16ft 7in21.2550F/G $2913.00
Bay Spirit17ft 1in2252F/G $2668.00
Greenland17ft 10in19.7545F/G $2942.00
Greenland T17ft 10in2150F/G $3072.00
Ocean Spirit17ft 2in2359F/GUNKNOWN
Reval Midi 17ft 1in21.2550F/G $2841.00
Tandem Mini17ft 7in2864F/GUNKNOWN
Wind 53517ft 7in21.2557F/G $2913.00
Reval 18ft 2in21.2557F/GUNKNOWN
Wind 58519ft 2in21.2558F/G $3058.00
Tandem Maxi21ft 2in2795F/GUNKNOWN
Wind Duo21ft 4in23.577F/GUNKNOWN

Note: If you have information on models not listed you can send them to us. We are constantly adding more manufactures and models.

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