West Side Boat Shop

Model Length Width Weight Material Price
Baby Otter9ft 8in2223Kevlar $900.00
Delta13ft 10in23.626Kevlar $2000.00
Dolphin13ft 2in23.632Kevlar $2000.00
Otter13ft 2in2432Kevlar $2000.00
Dart14ft 9in23.616Kevlar $2000.00
Lieser King14ft 9in23.622Kevlar $2000.00
R.P.M. Special14ft 9in23.616Devlar $2000.00
River 8114ft 9in23.622Kevlar $2000.00
River 8214ft 9in23.622Kevlar $2000.00
Super Tourist14ft 9in2434Kevlar $2000.00
X-5, X-R514ft 9in23.622Kevlar $2000.00
Solander15ft 8in2334Kevlar $2700.00
Seafarer K-116ft 8in2436Kevlar $2700.00
Javelin172022Kevlar $2000.00
Seafarer Sprint17ft 4in2234Kevlar $2700.00
Wave Piercer172028Kevlar $2700.00
Extra Fast Tourer (EFT)19ft 4in2030Kevlar $2700.00
Wave Exceed191828Kevlar $2700.00
Wave Excel191828Kevlar $2700.00
Wave Ultra191828Kevlar $2700.00
Seafarer K-220ft 1in2865Kevlar $3500.00
Dark Star211826Kevlar $2700.00
Marauder211726Kevlar $2700.00
Thunderbolt211828Kevlar $2700.00
Thunderbolt T-Rex211728Kevlar $2700.00
Thunderbolt X211828Kevlar $2700.00
Bullitt K-2232048Kevlar $3700.00
X-Par Missile231830Kevlar $2700.00

Note: If you have information on models not listed you can send them to us. We are constantly adding more manufactures and models.

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