Other Accessories

Preparing For A Guided Paddling Trip

Guided trips will usually operate rain or shine in late spring, summer and early fall, so it is important to dress for success on the river. Shorts, swimsuits and t-shirts are appropriate to wear on warm summer days, however additional layers should be brought during other times of the year.
During the cool spring and fall avoid wearing cotton clothing such a sweatshirts and blue jeans. Cotton clothing will actually make you colder as it will hold cold water next to your skin. Synthetic fabrics like fleece, polyester, wool and other manmade materials along with rain gear and windbreakers are a better option.
There is simply no way around it, feet are going to get wet as with getting in and out of the boat. Feet will also need protection from sharp rocks during the entire length of the trip, so wear something that will be comfortable. A specific water sandal, aquasocks or an old pair of sneakers are a fine choice.
Additional Items
  • Lunch / snack and drinking water or other beverage (no glass containers or alcohol)
  • Brimmed hat, sun block, sunglasses and strap
  • Extra set of dry clothes for after the trip
  • A small pack to carry everything in the kayak. Please note that the pack will more then likely get wet.


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