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Paddlers Report is a content driven web site. We have designed our site to provide paddlers of any experience level, a quick, easy to use, source for information. Since we built this site for content, we limit ad space to just six ads per page, so any advertisers with us with us will be displayed prominently.

Introductory Specials

As a new enterprise, we understand you may have reservations about investing with our site, so from now through December 31,2012 we are offering Special Introduction Pricing and Performance Guarantees.

Display ads

We offer two types of display ads; The Banner and Rotating side ads.

The Banner is sponsored for one week intervals. Advertisers who sponsor Paddlers Report with the Banner ad will get 5-10 revolving ads placed at the top of every page for the week sponsored.

Our Rotating side ads- We have five ad spots which rotate between 15-20 advertisers with each page change. Advertisements will be purchased in one month intervals.

Product Information Pages

Though we list basic information for any manufacturer at no charge, we offer full product lay outs for our sponsoring manufacturers. Advertisers receive product descriptions, pictures, logo placement, and a link to their website.

Retailer and Services Information Pages

We offer a means for retail stores, schools and guides to get their name out to the public. Businesses that sponsor Paddlers Report will get their business listed in bold and a link to a profile page. Your profile can have a full description of your store or information on the services you provide, logo placement, pictures and reciprocal site links.

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