SUPing Glossary of Terms:

Sup terms

Beam. The width of the board at the widest point.

Carry Handle. Located in the center of the deck to carry the board.

Deck. Top surface of the board.

Deck Pad. Area on the deck where the paddler stands.

Fin Boxes. Are recessed compartments under the tail where the fins attach.

Fins. Mounted under the tail, they help stabilize the board and assist in tracking.

Leash Plug. A fixture at the tail to attach the leash.

LOA. Length over all. Total length of the board.

Nose. The front of the board.

Rail. The side of the board where the top and bottom meet.

Tail. The back end of the board.

Other Terms:

Brace. A paddling technique used to prevent the board from heeling over.

Displacement Hulls. Nose design similar to kayaks or canoes allowing better glide.

Leash. A line affixed to the tail to attached the board to the paddler.

Planing Hulls. Flatter nose design allowing surfing capabilities.

Righting moment. The opposite force to “heeling moment”. This force attempts to keep the board upright.

Rocker. Like the rocker of a rocking chair, this shape of a hull allows the SUP to maneuver more easily.

Skin. The surface of the board.

Stability. The tendency for the board to stay upright. If the “righting moment” is greater than the “heeling moment”, the board will return to the upright position.

Tipping or Heeling. A force, either unintentional or intentional, tipping the board over to one side. Also described as “heeling moment”.

Tracking. The ability to go straight.

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