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Paddlers Report

One Site For Kayaking, Canoeing and SUP

It doesn't matter if it's Kayaking, Canoeing or SUP, we wanted to create a place where paddlers of all types can share tips, advice and opinions. We wanted to make a site that is easy to navi-
gate, with information that's simple to find. Our goal is to focus on content that will make your paddling more enjoyable and limit the fluff stories and advertisements. Paddlers Report is put up by three guys with full time jobs, so in order for this site to become what we envisioned, we need you, our fellow paddlers, to submit stories, articles and videos that other paddlers, novice to advanced,will find helpful. As the editors of this site, we will try to check the accuracy of articles submitted before posting them. You can also sign up for our free P.R. Newsletter.

TJ, Rog and Rick

Just Beginning

Paddlers Report Kayaking, Canoeing and SUP-ping

Paddlers Report launched on Feb. 13th with the framework to build a better site. As you browse through the site, you will find blank spaces or even blank pages. We are filling these gaps with information as quickly as we can. This is an area where you can help create Paddlers Report with your knowledge and skills.

We hope you will lend your opinions and submit articles or advice on kayaking, canoeing and SUP to help fill these areas. We appreciate both your help and constructive criticism. Every email we get from you and other paddlers from around the world will make the site that much better. Please check back regularly to see how PR is developing, this site is a work in progress.

User Guide

We tried to design Paddlers Report to make it extremely easy to navigate. You can get to any information through our two navigation bars.

The upper navigation bar is designed to provide information on hardware, including boat information, reviews and where you can buy/try one, as well as information on accessories.

Our side navigation bar is for information to get you out on the water. Including; instruction, launch sites, paddling clubs and tours.

Again, we can't stress enough, Paddlers Report is a site for paddlers by paddlers. We need you, our fellow paddlers to help us out by submitting updates, articles, corrections or anything you think others would be interested in.

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