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IgY REcovery Proteins

When the Slightest Edge Can Mean the Difference Between Winning & Losing

Whether you are looking for that competitive edge or just want to feel better and have less
pain after a paddle… It’s ALL about: Inflammation, The Immune System and Recovery.

Understanding the Recovery Process

If you want to understand the process of recovery just think of your car.You put fuel in... the fuel is burned providing the energy needed for movement.Are we talking about you or your car?


Your body operates very much like a more complex version of your car. The fuel for your car is gas. The fuel for your body is food. But just like your car there are several factors that determine how well your body uses the fuel you provide.

Is there clean oil in the crank case?
What about the spark plugs, hoses and clamps?
A car that is well tuned and ready to go burns fuel much more efficiently.

Fill up the tank of a well-tuned car and you get better performance, better gas mileage - it even runs smoother.

Your body is no different.

The more efficiently it uses the fuel (food) you provide the better the performance and the quicker it can recover.

This is what makes IgY Recovery Proteins so different. Taking IgY is like giving your body a daily tune up.It is the clean oil in the crank case, the new spark plugs, clean hoses etc.
IgY works to enhance your body’s recovery "engine", your immune system.
It is completely different than what most athletes have been "sold" as recovery agents.

Whey, soy and milk are really nothing more than the gas in the tank - they are nutrition.

Your body’s recovery engine (immune system) must be tuned in perfect harmony, in balance to be able to use the nutrition you give it effectively. The specialty proteins in IgY go well beyond simple nutrition to enhance the process. If you want your body to run like a finely tuned sports car give it a tune up each day by supporting your "engine".

Give it IgY Recovery Proteins and you will see better performance. You will bounce back quicker and you will run smoother and longer than you ever thought possible. Learn more about how IgY Recovery Proteins work - watch this video

Take advantage of the special free trial offer!

(IgY Recovery Proteins are NSF Certified® for use by athletes in professional and sanctioned competition.)

SUP Pro Talk Workshop with Suzie Cooney

SUP workshop with Suzie Cooney

This is an educational and informative 2 hour, 3 part video on stand up paddling. All levels of paddlers will appreciate this all points overview and in depth production. This video was produced on Maui as the SUP Pro Talk Workshop on the beautiful grounds of Lumeria Maui with Suzie Cooney. The unique presentation and hands-on class was designed to introduce all levels of stand up paddlers to open ocean safety and endurance, learn about the health benefits of SUP, and review what to do when minor and major medical emergencies or incidents might occur.

Additionally a special emphasis of the lecture discusses and illustrates proper wave etiquette and courtesy, board safety management, downwind paddling techniques and safety tips with a special emphasis of exiting Maliko Gulch, board and paddle review, display and talk of SUP related gear and accessories, and lastly an opportunity to learn “how to” increase your fitness specifically for the sport of SUP or stand up paddling, with a circuit style of training session where those who attended participated in to test their strength, balance and courage. There are plenty of helpful tips for all paddlers.

Special guests and speakers include Oahu physician Clay Everline, M.D. co-author of SURF SURVIVAL the Surfer’s Health Handbook and Jeremy Riggs, sponsored downwind paddling champion. Jeremy is also a private SUP coach. You can learn more about Jeremy at

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Adirondack Paddling

Sixty great flatwater trips in the Adirondacks

Adirondack addling

Adirondack Paddling features color maps of every route, GPS coordinates for put-ins and takeouts, suggestions for multiday trips, more than 150 color photographs, and it introduces the Meander Quotient. By Phil Brown.

"The Adirondack Park has thousands of miles of rivers and streams and countless lakes and ponds. Where is a canoeist to begin? Adirondack Paddling has the answer, or, rather, many answers. Phil Brown, the editor of the Adirondack Explorer newsmagazine, has chosen sixty trips that will appeal to flatwater paddlers of all tastes and abilities, from parents with young children to hard-core wilderness junkies." --Kate Williams, executive director, Northern Forest Canoe Trail

288 pages. Paperback. More than 100 color photos, and more than 60 color maps. $24.95. ADK members pay $19.96.

Purchase Adirondack Paddling



"Protecting Beautiful Bottoms Worldwide…"

KeelEazy is an aftermarket keel strip that is incredibly easy to install. KeelEazy is a self-adhesive (peel and stick) PVC strip that is provides an extremely durable surface anywhere that abrasion is a concern.

After hearing about this product I wanted to try it for myself and I’m telling you it’s impressive. The only tools you need are a pair of scissors, a razor blade (to cut an opening for the skeg) and a heat gun. The entire job took less than 20 minutes from start to finish. The strip seams very durable and the adhesive quite strong. I like the fact that it comes in different widths and that it is wider than most factory-installed keel strips, and it is available in several colors. This was our first time using the product and we think it’s easy enough for many to apply themselves or you can go to any of the dealers listed on and have
it installed for you.

Kayaking Keeleasy

"Sneak Peek Exclusive"

The staff at Paddlers Report was given the opportunity to try the prototype of this SUP before it has even gone into production. Make sure you go SUP Reviews to get our take on this new board.

Zegul SUPs for 2012

LOKTITE by Accent Paddles

Accent Paddles has come up with a unique 2 piece paddle design. It is adjustable on the 15 degrees, and since I like a 45 degree offset when paddling, this is a big deal. Although other manufacturers have multiple angle offsets, with Accent's new design you only have to set the angle once, you set it then forget it, you don't have to set it to your desired angle every time you put your paddle together. A few years ago I might not have cared, but now that I need reading glasses to see up close I really appreciate their design. Accent Paddle's furrels are easy to use use, simple and fool proof.

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