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Posted by Richard Phillips   •   Sunday, 2016-June-26

By Elizabeth Froment

Stand up paddleboarding is taking the world by storm! Originally started by surfers in Hawaii looking for a way to keep in shape while the waves were not good, they found that using a paddleboard provided a perfect way to still be out on the water, and get exercise at the same time.

Since that time, millions of people have gotten into the world of SUP (stand up paddleboarding). Now people paddleboard to get out on the water, explore, enjoy nature, have fun with friends, and to exercise all at the same time.

Paddleboarding is one of the best core workouts you can find. From a paddlers toes to her head, practically every muscle in the body is being used (even counting the smiles!). Because a major component of stand up paddleboarding is balance, the feet and legs are working hard to keep the board (and you) balanced and sturdy. At the same time, since paddling is involved, arms, hands, shoulders and the back is all utilized to keep the paddleboard gliding on top of the water. All the while, the paddlers core abdominal and back muscles are getting a fantastic workout.

Another benefit that comes with stand up paddleboarding is that the sport is super low impact. If an athlete is struggling because of joint or muscle pain running or doing other exercises at the gym, paddleboarding can really help. Since there are no heavy movements or violent impacts associated with SUP, someone can paddle for hours, burn over 1,000 calories and not feel achy and creaky the next morning.

Now, many people (men and women alike) are getting into a new way to use your stand up paddleboard: yoga. That's right, yoga on a paddleboard! Doing yoga on the board provides an extra balance dimension, which can be an extra bit of fun and challenge for a yoga practitioner. What might be the best benefit of doing yoga on a stand up paddleboard is the view. Being able to take in the water and relax in the sun adds a really nice experience to yoga that someone could not get in a gym or studio.

Many people are still on the fence as to weather they want to buy a stand up paddleboard, but once they realize that there are so many extra benefits to paddleboarding such as exercise, fun, exploration and enjoying nature, it can push them in the right direction.

Elizabeth Froment writes about stand up paddleboarding, including its excitement and benefits. Check out more great info on paddleboarding [], and get out on the water!

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